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Our Reporting System

Your property is important to you, therefore it is important to us to provide a comprehensive, detailed report.

Our Reporting System

Items Included In Your Inspection

This page covers how we go about inspecting your property. As you will notice, it is very thorough and, although this information is pretty self-explanatory, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Structural Components

  • Foundation

  • Floors

  • Walls

  • Ceilings

  • Roof

Exterior Components

  • Exterior surfaces

  • Exterior doors

  • Windows

  • Attached or adjacent decks, balconies, stoops, steps, porches, and their railings

  • Vegetation, grading drainage, and retaining walls with respect to their immediate detrimental effect on the condition of the residential building

  • Attached or adjacent walkway, patios and driveways

  • Garage door, including automatic door openers and entrapment protection mechanisms

Roofing System Components

  • Roofing surface

  • Roof drainage systems

  • Flashing

  • Skylights

  • Exterior of chimneys

Plumbing System Components

  • Interior water supply and distribution systems, including functional flow and drainage

  • All interior fixtures and faucets

  • Drain, waste and vent systems

  • Domestic water heating systems, without operating safety valves or automatic safety controls

  • Combustion vent systems

  • Fuel distribution systems

  • Drainage sumps, sump pumps and related piping

Electrical System Components

  • Service entrance system

  • Main disconnects, main panel and sub panels, including interior components of main panel and sub panels

  • Service grounding

  • Wiring, without measuring amperage, voltage or impedance

  • Over-current protection devices and the compatibility of their ampacity with that of the connected wiring

  • At least one of each interior installed lighting fixture, switch and receptacle of house

  • Ground fault circuit interrupters

Heating System Components

  • Installed heating equipment and energy sources, without determining heat supply adequacy or distribution balance and without opening automatic safety controls or operating heat pumps when weather conditions or other circumstances may cause damage to the pumps.

  • Combustion vent systems and chimneys

  • Fuel storage tanks

  • Visible and accessible portions of heat exchanger, removing the flame roll-out shield, if applicable.

Cooling System Components

  • Central cooling system without operating central cooling equipment when weather conditions or other circumstances may cause damage to the cooling equipment

  • Permanently installed hard-wired, through-wall individual cooling system

  • Energy sources

Interior Components

  • Walls, ceilings and floors

  • Steps, stairways and railings

  • Installed wall cabinets to determine if secure

  • At least one interior passage door and operate one window per room

  • Household appliances, limited to:

    • Kitchens range and oven to confirm operation of burners or heating elements

    • Dishwasher to determine water supply and drainage

    • Garbage disposer

Insulation Components and Ventilation System

  • Insulation in unfinished spaces with disturbing insulation

  • Ventilation of attics and foundation areas

  • Mechanical ventilation systems

Fireplaces and Solid Fuel Burning Appliances

  • Fireplaces and solid fuel burning appliances, condition and visual evidence of draft

  • Chimneys and combustion vents

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