Heating and Air Conditioning Inspections

An inspection of your home's heating and cooling system is more important than ever, given the high cost of heating and electric. After a thorough inspection by Parisen Associates, LLC home inspectors, you'll know if your home's heating and cooling system is running efficiently.

Our home Inspector will give a complete description of the type of heating system being inspected. The report will describe the overall general condition of the system, along with the exact or approximate age of the furnace. He will remove the front covers of the furnace, when possible, and inspect for condition, rust, flame burning appearance, filter condition, and more.

Please note that the central air conditioning system can only be tested if the outdoor temperature is above 65 degrees. Testing a central air conditioning unit below this temperature could cause serious damage to the unit. Therefore, we cannot test an air conditioning unit in cold weather.

However, if the central air conditioning can be inspected, our inspector will give the system a complete visible inspection. The following are some of the major AC components that will be inspected: compressor / evaporator - besides performance, the unit will be inspected for rust, physical condition and where and how it is situated. Service lines will be checked for insulation and functionality and that it has the proper temperature range for efficiency. Condenser drains are checked for condition and to determine if the line is being properly discharged. Electrical disconnects will be checked to make sure there is an electrical disconnect within a few feet of the compressor unit.