Electric and Plumbing Inspections


The Parisen Associates, LLC New Jersey/New York home inspection team will perform a comprehensive electrical inspection and evaluate the entire electrical system for size, type of entrance, condition of wiring and the overall safety of the electrical system.

As part of the electrical inspection, the inspector will also open the electrical panel and check for aluminum distribution wiring, the condition of breakers or fuses, determine the amps, if the box has a main breaker, and inspect for proper grounding.

While inspecting the rooms, our home inspector will also test some of the electrical outlets for grounding and function. This includes over-use of extension cords, if visible.

You can be confident of the safety of your home after an electrical inspection by Parisen Associates, LLC.


We will describe and inspect all the visible plumbing in the house, both the supply and waste systems. This includes the visible condition of water feed lines, the waste pipes and vent stacks. Plumbing repairs are very expensive and we will examine each and every system very carefully. The main water supply line and shut off valve will be inspected and shown to the client so he or she will know where to shut off the water in case of an emergency.

The inspection process also includes the plumbing in the laundry area which includes the washer and dryer connections. And, of course, the plumbing to all the fixtures in the house will be inspected and tested, as well.