A Parisen Associates professional New Jersey home inspection will include a visible inspection of the exposed areas of the entire roof. The inspector will visibly inspect the house roof line for squareness and the ridge beam for any deflection, which may be an indication of a rafter or roof sheathing problem.

Water is the enemy to a home owner and rain gutters and downspouts are of extreme importance. It is estimated that over 50% of the water problems in the basement are from improper water control and direction from the down spouts. In addition to water in the basement, improper water control will also cause wood rot and termites. Parisen Associates will inspect these areas for problems.

A complete visual inspection of the chimney will be conducted. Our home inspectors will be on the lookout for odor, condition of the bricks and block, rain cap, chimney cap, cracks, water damage and poor performance. By poor performance we mean a chimney that is blocked or has a back drafting problem. We also look for flashing problems, stains and chimney discoloration. Inside the house, we will inspect for drafts and cold air around the fireplace.

Skylights can be a source of trouble with ninety percent of all skylight leaks coming from the flashing around the skylight. The flashing is a piece of metal that sits flush up against the skylight opening, sweeping rain water away.

Skylights do require maintenance and the flashings should be checked and evaluated at least once every two years. Many leaks are slow and may not be discovered for several years when the drywall starts to stain.

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