A Parisen Associates home inspection includes a visible inspection of the exposed areas of the exterior and interior foundation. Our inspector will check the exterior of the foundation for cracks, bulging, bowing, deterioration, and heavy settlement. Particular attention is paid to areas of the foundation where there may be large trees planted, especially for foundation damage from large tree roots. Another area of concern is the area where a rain gutter downspouts may be dropping water right alongside the foundation. Thousands of gallons of water being discharged right alongside the foundation will eventually damage the foundation and seep into the basement.

Just like the exterior of the building, our inspection includes a visible inspection of the exposed areas of the interior foundation. The inspector will look at, when feasible, crawl spaces, slab foundation, and basement floors and walls for structural problems and settlement. These are the areas that are most susceptible to water damage. The inspector will be looking for cracks, heavy settlement, deterioration of the concrete, displacement of foundation walls, heaving or settlement of the slab or basement floors.

A Parisen Associates New Jersey home inspection includes an inspection of the attic. The inspector will look in the attic when feasible for any structural problems with the floor, walls, rafters, main beam and all other structural elements, especially the rafters. The inspector will be looking for sagged, rotted, or cracked rafters that may need repair or replacement…which can be particularly expensive.

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