A Parisen Associates New Jersey home inspection will include an inspection of the property. The home inspector will first make a visible inspection of the grounds around the house to see if the natural rain water is draining away from the structure or towards it. Rain water that drains towards the house could damage the structure, weaken the foundation and allow water to get into the basement.

Trees and vegetation planted too close to the building can cause problems. Plants or trees touching the house or roof invite carpenter ants; trees planted too close to the foundation may damage the foundation; untreated wood and ground contact can cause rot; overgrown landscaping can cause poor drainage with erosion as the result.

If rain water drains towards the house instead of away from the house, serious water damage could develop. Pay special attention to the water gutter downspouts. The amount of rain water coming off the roof could be in the thousands of gallons and if the water is discharged alongside the foundation, sooner or later, the water will damage the foundation work its way into the basement.

Our inspector will see if the pitch of the driveway directs water towards the garage which may result in water seepage into the garage or doorway.


Many decks are built by the homeowner. Due to this reason, our home inspector will examine the structure and condition of the deck very carefully. We will look for unsafe conditions, such as moisture damage, damaged deck steps and handrails, deck footings. We also look for signs of poor drainage and earth-to-wood contact.


The weather can be cruel to patios and some of the resulting problems can be quite expensive. Our inspector will look for structural elements that are functional, safe, worn or near the end of useful life. Concrete above the siding that brings water toward the wood structure of the house may cause wood rot and termites. A negative-sloped patio that is attracting water toward the house rather than away from it is a sign of trouble and can cause damage to the foundation, wood rot and termites.


Sidewalk repairs can be very expensive. Sidewalks will be inspected for condition, major cracks and deterioration, inspection for poor drainage and raised areas that might be dangerous. It is not uncommon for large tree roots to lift a concrete slab as much as eight inches.

Power Lines

The main electrical power line will be inspected for condition and whether or not the line is touching any trees. We want to find out whether a power line is a safe height above the yard or driveway. Is the line physically in good condition? Does it have a proper drip loop to prevent water from penetrating the main line or panel box?

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